The Ocean, one of the most amazing spaces and playgrounds on earth. Is in itself an inspiration of stillness and harmony, and at the same time, an environment where energy expresses in dynamic, raw and intense forms.

Surfers and Freedivers have learned to thrive in this environment. A process that takes time, as one acquires qualities that provide “Self Reliance” in such a challenging place. They have adapted to fit in the Ocean as another aquatic creature.

Freedivers are specialists at saving oxygen & energy under water thanks to the high level of body & mind awareness they have developed. There is a lot to learn from the insights they have gathered in this process: effective relaxation & focus techniques, self awareness, self control, connection to nature and “the moment”.

Surfers, on their side, have adapted to the Ocean through years of «progressive & playful exposure» and hours of observation. From them we can learn that any journey should be enjoyed, that looking into nature teaches and that there are no shortcuts to solid and purposeful achievements in life. Through generations, surfers have developed a strong connection with the ocean, respect for nature and along with this, strong minds and bodies.

In January 2014, inspired by their passion for the Ocean and the joy one goes through when engaging intensely with Nature the “Survival Apnea Team” put together simple and effective courses, with the objective of sharing “Surfer´s & Freediver´s Insights” on skillful breathing and apnea (breath holding), with other water enthusiasts, athletes and people in general.