SSCP1 CO2 Table

CO2 Tables

Breath Up / Apnea

02:00 / 02:00

01:45 / 02:00

01:30 / 02:00

01:15 / 02:00

01:00 / 02:00

00:45 / 02:00

00:30 / 02:00

00:15 / 02:00

Consists of 8 consecutive breath holds, each of the same time, with a reducing resting time in between.

All breathing is through the mouth. A nose clip or mask are required.

In the example provided, each breath hold is of 2:00 minutes, while the resting period drops in 15 seconds after each breath hold. On the eights breath hold you should try to hold for a little longer than the established time.

Keep in mind that numbers are simply indicators of your progress, however your skill in going through the “Breath Hold Journey” will also reflect progress in its own way. In order to observe this, it is very important you pay attention to thoughts, sensations and your management/interpretation of them during the exercise.

If practicing in the water, you must always do it under supervision by someone who knows how to act in the event something happens (low oxygen scenario).

If practicing on dry (lying in bed, for example), it is OK to it on your own.

Key coaching points:

• During breath ups use breathing as a relaxation tool

• Take a proper last full breath

• Self-awareness during each section of the “Breath Hold Journey”

• Practice your recovery breaths

Benefits: Increase tolerance to high levels of CO2, develop mental strength, make “presence” a habit when dealing with challenges. Develop the skill to avoid anticipation. Discover how effective “Mental Firewalls” can be.