What are you in for?

Welcome to Survival Apnea's OCEAN RESILIENCE COURSE!!!

Get powerful insights from the surfing and freediving communities on how to acquire the traits of a solid waterman (woman):

Self awareness, self control, mental strength and how to tap into your full physical toughness.

All through the practice of breathing and apnea (breath holding) exercises. 

Learn the foundations of how to:

  • Develop physical adaptations and the mental skill to remain calm & focused under extreme discomfort: to find tranquility in the middle of the storm

  • Be O2 and Energy smart when it matters

  • Improve your reactions (behaviours) to challenging situations: choose more empowering responses, by stepping into the space between stimulus and response

Topics covered:

· What does it mean and what does it take to become Ocean Resilient.

· How to develop Ocean Fitness and Confidence.

· The Freediving Community and their insights.

· The Breath Hold Journey and Urge to Breathe (CO2 & O2).

· Dealing with Discomfort.

· Progressive Exposure to Challenge.

· Presence.

· Dive Reflex.

· Vital Capacity.

· Heart Rate Variability.

· Red Blood Cell Production.

· Resourcefulness.

· Nitric Oxide.

· Hyperventilation.


· Relaxation and Focus techniques.

· How to get Bigger and Healthier Lungs.

· Developing Breath Awareness and Breath Control.

· Nose vs Mouth Breathing.

· Static and Dynamic Breathing and Apnea practices to build body & mind resilience safely and progressively.

To give you an idea of the schedule ahead this experience can be divided into three chapters:


Where you will be introduced to the foundations our education system is built on.

Breathing and Breath Holding (Apnea) exercises on dry (out of the water)

Where you will start putting in practice some of the concepts and methods that make this a valuable course

Pool Exercises

Where you will learn simple and effective exercises that will help you acquire all the adaptations and skills you are looking for. For some of the exercises on this section you will need a training buddy and have access to pool.


Ability to swim 200m unassisted

Everyone who has participated in this course, from total beginner to big wave or professional surfer, has taken something of value with them. Pay attention, trust the process and enjoy the journey!!!